Alex Cox

Mobile Product Manager

Who Am I?

With a degree in understanding how people think and a passion for creating experiences users love, my background isn’t traditional. You’ll find my work at the intersection of design and technology creating products that assist and delight all manner of users.

How I Work


Find the people  and their problems. Empathize with the people to learn their needs and desires.


Design wireframes in Balsamiq. Create lo-fi in Sketch. Make the prototypes in Principle and Marvel to test with users.


Learn the effects of the problem. Who addresses these problems and what do they miss? Identify the opportunities.


Test prototypes with users. Improve the usability and hone in on the best way to solve their problems.


Hypothesize initial solutions to the problems. Consult users to validate hypotheses  and solutions to target.


From design to code. Find the edge cases. Create the Trello and oversee development team through the build process.


Expedia - Just Go!

App for Expedia where I learned to lead software teams and brand amazing products. Sorry no public link please message me to learn more.


SMS app using Twilio to find the nearest clinic in developing countries. iOS app for the clinic side to manage doctors.


iOS app for the elderly to easily use technology and communicate with the rest of their family. You can check it out at the website here.

Will it Explode?

Fun little app to check if your phone was a Samsung Note 7 and how to return it to the store to get a new phone.

Sound Sense

Microsoft HoloLens app for the blind to navigate by sound. Lead the project learning the needs of the blind and visually impaired community.


Are you sick but not sure what you have? Symptomatic allows you to search symptoms to find related diseases.
(In development)

Shooting Alert!

Android app to alert people if there was a mass shooting near them or a loved one and to learn more about what happened. You can download it here.


Simplify your life with a dashboard to order your favorite food from Eat24, order an uber, check the commute time and more (In development)


Design a Day

To get better at design I took on the challenge to do a design every single day. I do my designs in Sketch and post them to Instagram.

Mhacks: Refactor

Helped on Mhacks: Refactor’s design team to do do branding and room banners
Designed banners in Sketch and Illustrator

Get There!

An iOS app to help motivate you to get where you need to be. I designed the app and hope to begin developement soon.

UX Timer

An app to help interview time how long users take to complete tasks during usability testing Still working on the design and usability.


Product Management Intern
Expedia Inc.

- Conducted market and competitive analysis in the travel mobile app space to determine market gaps to fill by creating an app that specializes in personalized packaged flight + hotel booking
- Managed six-person team using agile to create new package recommendation travel app for iOS
- Lead team from ideation, user testing, development to get incrorporated into main Expedia App
- Balanced user needs, engineering ability, and upper management’s goals to deliver product users loved

Co-founder, CTO
InFusion Technologies Inc.

- Co-founded clean energy start-up for R & D on novel a home energy storage and generation system
- Lead 7 person engineering team to design and create compact hydrogen system to help power homes
- Raised over $40,000 through innovation grants, solar panel installations, and solar panel project design
- Business Development, Project Management, talent acquisition, and company/team management 


-Managed 5 properties over course of 2015 and 2016
-Maintained more than 80% 5 star rating and guest satisfaction
-Averaged 200% - 300% ROI per property
-Hired staff to clean and take care of guest interactions

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